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Jazz 16 said:
Well to be honest Im still undecided on this one.
Im not disputing Ronaldo's stats and accolades, but I cant help but
admire the lad Messi. He is frightening, unique adn simply awesome.
Obviously Ronnie will win player of the year and after scoring 38 goals
who can dispute it?

but for consistency I believe Messi is better. He is ALWAYS great, always
the heartbeat of the team. Ronaldo can drift in and out of games, but
in fairness to him normally comes up with the goods.

Ronaldo on a whole has the more attributes than Messi eg things like his
height, his ability in the air and his free kicks.

But if Im being honest, right here right now, I think that Messi is
'the better player'. He is 4 years younger than Ronnie and is already
gaining legend status at his tender age.

In the future, I firmly believe that when people reminisce on the greatest
players of all time they shall be talking about the likes of Pele, Maradona, Best,
Cruyff, Beckanbauer, Zidane, Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo's.
agree, 100%
ronaldo, has higher efficiency, and has all round abilities and attributes that messi does not have.
however, if i am to choose only one player to watch, it will be messi. when he is on the ball, your heartbeat will be increased, and your body will move with him...
he is the only player that the media cannot hype up, because he is THAT good.
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