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No doubt he was a great striker in his heyday. One of the best, if not THE best in the World.

But hes gone off the rails recently, and on top of his injuries, I think hes finished.

Your thoughts on Ronaldo?
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one of the worlds best ever strikers, that night at OT when he was playing for Real Madrid he was amazing, it's one of the great idividual performances you will ever see, we were no mugs either but he just tore us apart time and time again, people forget how physically powerful he was at that time but he was so quick aswell, my favourite player of all time :) shame the way it's comming to an end for him though ay
-zuco- said:
Yeah he was class that night Drew.

He got a standing ovation from our fans I believe.
he did indeed mate, and for the comment above, i do believe he's realeased frpm his AC Milan as from some time in July ? if this is true it would say he'll return to Brazil and play for the team he has aways supported, which i think is Flamengo ... he has always said he wants the end his career there, im just concerned he could be another Gazza, or worse ...
it's sad in my opinion, like Gazza and Ronaldinho he was a United player that never was, by this i mean their the type of who we'd of loved to have seen here at OT, but sadly they slipped through the net, these 3 would have gone down to be legends had they come to United ... it's a shame i think all 3 will regret not comming to United in the end, and all us United fans would of had great joy watchin these 3. Oh well there will always be others :)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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