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Ronaldo has scored 99 goals for Manchester United, which is the same amount
that the great Bryan Robson scored. When he hits the 100 he will become the
20th United player to score 100 goals for the club, which is quite an achievement.

He looks hungrier and happier now and who'd bet against him hitting his ton
within the week? either at Celtic Park or the Emirates!!:cool:

Viva Ronaldo!

Rooney 99 Not out.
Rooney is also chasing the milestone of 100 goals (in his club career).
He was raging he didnt score today lol, thats our Wazza! but who would
bet against him scoring this week too?

Another great achievment for the young striker when you consider the
'great' Heskey (see my Heskey thread lol) just scored his 100th today and he is way older.

So who do you think will get the 100 first? Rooney or Ronaldo?

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Well I wouldn't bet against them...... but I wouldn't exactly bet on both ;)

In the Goalscorers prediction league I entered Ronaldo's name and not Rooney's.

Kind of funny that nobody mentioned Ronaldo celebrating last night when he scored.

Gotta go check out the Ronaldo thread.

Anyway, it is a marvelous achievement for two young players and long may it continue!

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Stephen said:
I think Gary Neville will hit 100 first ;)
Speaking of Gary Neville, i think it was his 550th appearance for Man Utd. Thats quite an achievement.

Will be interesting to see if he can reach 600 for the club. Sadly, it does not look likely with all the competition.

Anyway, viva Gary!
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