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Good thread Jazz.

I spotted it too, and was delighted. We've been missing that passion at points this season imho, and even though we were 2 up at the time he wasn't happy with some of his team-mates taking their foot off the gas. It was great to see, especially from one of the younger players.

As for future captain, I have no doubts. Rio will definitely be the next permanent captain. But Rooney should be captain one day imo. He does need to mature and sort out a few of his flaws. But I expect him too as he gets older, and I would love to see him as captain one day.

Jazz 16 said:
Yes he was. He nagged fergie to make him captain for some game. It was last season
in a cup game I think, when most of the other 'captains' were being rested.
I reckon he has had the armband 2/3 times but I couldnt tell you exactly.
He was captain against FC Copenhagen in the Champions League the season before last, and he has had it on a couple of other occasions I believe (against Southend seems to ring a bell)

abojodeh said:
would Keano or King Eric and go and punch Marrison if they were in the same situation ?
Keane did try to punch Shearer abo ;)
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