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carlyluvsunited said:
This is a major problem if Rooney is not fit !!!

In all but one of the games we have lost - Rooney was absent !!

Against Villa we looked doomed, desperate and a complete debacle.

Enter Rooney and immediately United looked like a team posessed !!!

They tore Villa apart !!

Two goals in 20 minutes - thankyou, goodnight now it's time to go home !!

I would swap Rooney right now for ANY other member of the team (yes even
Ronnie) if he could be fit for tonight !!

Yes Fazzy Man, let's all drop to our knees and pray.
Not what I usually drop to my knees for but hey, anything for a United win :eek:

The Rooney's Prayer !

"Our Rooney who art in the sick bay
Chanted be your name
Thy stadium awaits
Thy will come
Old Trafford as it was at Nou Camp.
Give us today our weekly goals
And forgive those that don't score.
As we forgive those that don't sing !
Lead us not into semi final oblivion
But deliver us to the final !
For thine is Moscow stadium
The power, The Glory
For ever and ever
Rooooooooooney !!!!
...and now it seems he may miss the rest of the season????!!!! Including the Chelsea game......did the medical team give Fergie the wrong info? Did rooney not say how bad it was? Did fergie realise he was playing a rooney who as carrying an injury? I go back to my original point at the start of this thread....rooney was obviously not 100% and so he was a risk to play against chelsea. Ok, so why did fergie play him in a game where his stated objective to was to rest player snad protect his squad? Surely tevez was a better choice? Ok , fergie could not have predicted the injury flaring up again but with tevez there was no injury there to flare up in the first place. I don't understand , can anyone explain this? Fergie obviously felt he was not going to take a risk with someone like evra because there was an obvious replacement in silvestre , but we've only got two natural forwards (R+T) and fergie played one of them injured (or so it seems). Tevez was the obvious replacement for rooney.

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According to somebody on sky this morning it was a hernia!! According to Sky a moment ago its a sore hip, which makes it awkward for him to run. According to mutv we are resting him because of his hip injury. I really do not know whats going on now.
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