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Rooney Is Overrated

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I cannot believe we paid £30m for this guy, watching him is very frustrating. He consistently makes the wrong decisions when he is in a goal scoring position. He does not know how to finish at all. I am worried that we are relying on him to play up front as the main striker, if we got one chance in a match I would not want it to fall to him. He is turning into an expensive version of Alan Smith, lots of effort and running but not much quality. The job of a striker is to score goals and Rooney is not doing the job, he spends most of his time running around like a headless chicken making tackles. Van Nistelrooy would of had at least two goals last night, why oh why did we sell Ruud for only £10m.
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you know what? me and yourself are gonna be the only 2 people on here saying this. I actually agree with you, he is extremely overrated. He is a good player but I've heard people say he's one of the best strikers in the world, what a joke.

I think Ronaldo is a far more able striker than Rooney. If only we had got Fernando Torres :(.

Oh and by the way we sold Van Nistelrooy because he had a fight with Ronaldo in training

[q]On 9 May 2006, Setanta Sports reported that van Nistelrooy's exclusion from the squad was due to a training-session fight between him and teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. Van Nistelrooy allegedly criticised Ronaldo's tendency to hold onto the ball instead of passing to his teammates, which sparked the fight, after which the Dutch international remarked, "Go running to your daddy." The article claimed that this was not a reference to Ronaldo's father (who had died earlier in the season), but to United's Portuguese assistant coach Carlos Queiroz[/q]
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How old was Ruud when we sold him? getting on a bit late 20s? anyway I heard Ronaldo didn't want to stay at the same club as him, would you rather have seen Ronaldo go?

So as long as Ruud's at Madrid, we won't see Ronaldo going there atleast :)
"Giggs is 34, Scholes is 33, G.Neville is 33, Van Der Sar is 37 yet they are still at the club so what has age got to do with it."

If that was aimed at me, I was basically trying to say we weren't gonna get much more than 10m for a 30 year old.
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