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Can someone please explain to me why Wayne's not amongst the players in the shortlist for the PFA Player Of The Year award...

Rio Ferdinand - Manchester United
Steven Gerrard - Liverpool
Ryan Giggs - Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United
Edwin van der Sar - Manchester United
Nemanja Vidic - Manchester United
Have all of the above really out done him this season?
  • 20 goals (Still games to go)
  • 11 assists
  • That aura which lifts the team and the drive & detirmination?

I think he most certinaly deserved a special mention

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Because his goals and good form come in "bursts".

Rooney (for several seasons now) seems to have patches where he scores almost every game and then goes through a goal drought. Maybe in some seasons it has been induced by injury, but I think that, quite rightly, players have to be consistently good to get into contention for these awards.

In Rooney's case, it's unfortunate, because strikers tend to be judged on goal-scoring.

i personally agree that he deserves to be a nominee, but think his "mini goaldroughts" might be the reason for his omission.

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I think Roo will get his title at some point, and justly so. He does have spits and spats where he's great and not so great, what we need is a good strong midfield and he will really come into his own. I agree he does deserve a mention, but he is our unsung hero so many times, people expect him to be worldclass every game, but as we know this isn't possible, Ronny for example! Wayne is a massive player for the team and as far as I'm concerned one of the most important. Even though he's a scouser!!!! Lol

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my brothers a scousers, he said it was a disgrace that rooney wasnt on the list, didnt even complian bout there been five united players, just that rooney wasnt on it, rooney shud of been on instead of ronaldo, cahill instead of vds....

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Ronaldo's been fantastic this season. Just not as great as last.

17 (?) League goals, over 20 in all comps, from out wide.

What more does he have to do? :rolleyes:
Exactly. Some people have to stop comparing this season to last season,

Again he's been brillant this season and looks like he's gonna be top scorer in the league.

He's just one of those players that you can rely to score goals when the team is struggling.
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