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rooney or morrison no jokes

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i seriously have a palace with me in the office that is telling me he would prefere clinton morrison in his team over wayne rooney. hargreeves and anderson out and the two centre mids of palace in and gary and patric out for their fall backs. o and edwin and nemanja out for there centre back and gk. and would only prefere giggs rio tevez ronaldo. please shed some light on this to make him understand the error of his ways
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He's an idiot thats the simplest explanation i can offer!
eoininho said:
He's an idiot thats the simplest explanation i can offer!
what more can one add? One is astounded that one should have any preference other than what WE have - nobody else matters ;)
Or persuade him to submit his 'bright' ideas for a joke competition? If not, sell the script to a stand-up comedian.:D ;)
lmao cheers boys. the palace fan got owned by the hammers window cleaner aswell so it aint been a good day. although he seems to think that next season when their fighting in our division they will ruin us at selhurst park
He is deluded or blind. If what he says was actually true then
Palace would be riding high in the Prem and United would be
battling it out for relegation.:rolleyes:
lol......this is absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL he only said that because he knows there is no way in hell Rooney will be playing for them. Funny cause it should really be the other way round..:p
I suppose he prefers Colin to Sir Alex Ferguson too :rolleyes:
I'm a better manager than Gareth Southgate & pls tell him to shove his clenched fist into his anal ;)
i think his dream may be fulfilled for rooney to play for palace when rooney is 37 years old.
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