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Manchester United's U18s coach Paul McGuiness remembers a time when a pre-teen Wayne Rooney scored a double hat-trick against the Red Devils.

Manchester United's U18s manager Paul McGuiness has stated that it was not Wayne Rooney's displays in Everton's first team at 16 that alerted the reigning double champions to the boy-wonder's presence.

McGuiness said that as a nine-year old boy Wayne Rooney stuck six incredible goals past a United youth side and that he single handedly 'hammered' the Mancunian's team.

"We hadn't played any games before, the boys had just been training together," McGuinness told "We didn't even have a goalkeeper, so Peter Schmeichel's son Kasper played for us. He was the only kid we knew who played in goal!

"The Everton boys had been playing together for at least a year in a league beforehand, so they were used to playing games. You could tell, because they absolutely hammered us," he reflected.

"He [Rooney] scored a few [six], but there was one goal that stood out. It was basically the classic overhead kick, the perfect bicycle kick, which for a kid of eight or nine years old was really something special.

"We were all wondering who this kid was... It transpired that he was from a tough, boxing background, a sporting family and also he was a diehard Everton fan," McGuiness added.

"At that time you didn't really get any kids crossing over to Manchester from Liverpool. We looked at it behind the scenes, but he was too fixated on Everton to contemplate leaving them."

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