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Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney stunned restaurant staff when he paid his £27.80 bill using a half-price voucher. Rooney earns £90,000 a week at United.

Rooney proving hes is a scoucer

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No, if Rooney was showing his Scouse side he'd have gone up to the till, pointed behind the waiter and screamed 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT LA?!' before grabbing the till and running off with it without paying for his meal. :p

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funny, but to be fair hes probably saving up for somethin' so cant have a go at the lad for using his voucher, he probably spends hours each week scouring the paper for bogof deals so he can spend all the cash he saves on something good

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IanDangerously said:
Nothing wrong with that imo, he obviously had the voucher so what's up with using it?

I don't care if someone ears a billion pound a day, anyone who pays more than they need to for something is a moron.

who really gives a **** how he pays his bill .

stupid story

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Nothing wrong with that. In fact it show me that unlike most footballers Wayne seems to be shrewd with money. I'm impressed.

Do any of you guys remember Kerry Packer? He was an Australia Media Tycoon. He died back at the end of 2005.

However before he died he managed to amass some truly legendary stories about his tipping.

It's practically folklore around here & I'll post a few up here. All of these stories were confirmed by close friends & colleagues.

One million dollars was tip money to Kerry Packer, the Australian gazillionaire who died this week.

"He regularly tipped Bellagio dealers $1 million. All 700 dealers would get a cut," recalled Bobby Baldwin, on the telephone from his office as Mirage Resorts president and chief executive officer.

I called Baldwin to ask him about some Packer stories that had the ring of urban myth.

The story about the Texan?

"True," Baldwin said.

Packer was at one table and the Texan, playing one table over, wanted some bigger action.

Packer turned him down. "The other guy said, 'I'm a big player too. I'm worth a hundred million.'

"Kerry said, 'If you really want to gamble, I'll flip you for it (the $100 million).'•" The Texan quietly went back to his game.

And Packer's monster tip to an MGM Grand cocktail server?

Also true, Baldwin said.

"He liked the service the girl was providing. He asked her if she had a mortgage. She said yes, and he said, 'Bring it in tomorrow and I'll pay it off for you.' It was for $150,000."

The $200,000 bets per hand?

Also true.

"He was a legendary character," Baldwin said. "He dwarfed the other guys (noted whales the Sultan of Brunei and Adnan Khashoggi, the arms dealer). Kerry played higher, and he played for 40 years."

Local entertainment agent Joey Battig recalls seeing Packer lose $6 million in six hours at the Bellagio and leaving a $1 million tip.

"Then we went to Club Paradise until 3 a.m., and he tipped the girls $30,000. Just to dance for him; no lap dancing."
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