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United_OG said:
fantastic display from rooney for his tenacity though i dont think he was man of the match. Infact i don't think there was a man of the match today.

Nani was superb - 1 goal and 2 assists. There is no doubting his potential simply because his a different type of player to ronaldo for all the similar skills, ronaldo is much more direct, nani creates alot more. Thats why his more useful than park, because its amazing how much park can run, he must be one of the fittest united players but he cannot score or get a goal ever for somereason! I was loving the juggling at the end, pretty football arsenal were gettin taught a footie lesson by our young kids! I must admit at times i did feel a little angry at some of the tackles directed at nani!

Rooney - scored a great goal and had gallas worried all night. I think gallas will not sleep well after this performance anyway. I'm sure his pretty bruised! Kept running aswell, no doubt his performance was steller though not perfect. Should have scored atleast one more of his chances, he is a striker after all but i wouldnt complain if he played liked that all the time. Though in tighter games i hope he takes his chance if he only gets one! Great performance.

Anderson - What a player!! Thats all i have to say, for all BBCs rooney talk i think united fans should be really lucky we have this kid. Im pretty sure united fans were singin his name for much of the match! If he scored a goal or something i would give him the man of the match because he stood out. His performance was amazing.

i think the three of them should share the MOM award because nani had the most end product, rooney was the possibly the catalyst and anderson seemed to shine ahead of anyone else on the pitch to be honest. Looks an awesome prospect.

Cannot wait for the next game!

agreed with everything above this time unlike the ronny/wazza debate where we could be debating all night and into the following day!!!

I think today's performance underlines what i said about rooney before. He more than any other player is indispensable to the united cause especially in big games like this one. by his mere presence he inspires those around him and creates panic in the opposition defence . toure and gallas were supposedly the equals of Ferdinand and Vidic. Well rooney put that theory to bed with a performance that was just breathtaking. A little more composure in front of goal and he could have had 2 hat-tricks. Shows even he has room for improvement which is mind boggling and mouth watering for united fans.

Just in response to your thread I think you may forgotten to mention fletcher-united's almost forgotten man. He was absolutely awesome and always seems to rise to the big occasion. he simply played Fabregas off the park and scored 2 goals ( never mind the og claims on th first one). He was the most energetic player on the pitch and shows the value of Fergie's rotational policy.

As for nani hats off to him he came of age in this game and silenced all those critics who expected him to adjust straight away to a different culture and football environment.he should now be given an extended run in the team as i genuinely believe Giggs has lost it this season.also to see arsenal trying to hack him down was unsurprising. when things dont go thir way over the years they resort to cynical,dirty,cheating,pizza throwing tactics. in many ways the team resembles their manager- in this case Wenger who simply does not know how to lose with dignity

let's hope we duplicate this performance when they come again to ot in april and the gunner's bubble has well and truly burst after today.:)
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