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I am sick and tired of hearing Rooney, being a team player, should thus be prepared to play or be deployed in whatever position for the sake of the team.

For goodness sake, let him play in his best position that would benefit the team the most - even if he is willing or feels obliged to do otherwise. Likewise for any other player.

But I still doubt even if it was so (or the formation is right), we would have won the match if:

1. Our will and hunger are lacking as compared to our opponents.

2. We made silly errors at the back.

3. We are overrun in central midfield.

4. We concede too many possessions cheaply.

5. We don't build, string and link up our play but employ the worst option, the Route One approach.

6. We are pressed constantly instead of pressing constantly.

Ultimately, after all the preparation and tactical formations, it is really down to the team's performance. Nothing more the management can do on the pitch.
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