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The problem for Rooney is that vs the so called 'big teams' we don't play with an 'in the hole' striker.

Most teams, including us, often use this formation in the bigger games:




Roony doesn't play his best in any of those postions, but the problem is that a lot of the time you have to play 3 in the middle to prevent your midfield from being run over.

Yesterday at times we did play a 4-4-2 with Roone and Anderson on the wings, but for me the problem wasn't Rooney playing there, it was that he played at all.

I know most people here will jump on me for saying that but although I think Rooney is one of, if not our best player, his recent form had left a lot to be disired.

I would rather have had Giggs or Nani start the match, preferably Giggs, but then the question would be who out of Rooney and Tevez would play in behind Berbatov?

On recent form I would go with Tevez. IMO thats why Fergie put Tevez in the hole and Rooney on the wing rather than the other way around. Why put our most in-form player out of position when we can put someone who's played poor for us out of postition?

Thats why I don't think Rooney should have started yesterday.
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