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carlyluvsunited said:
We guessed this ...

Jazz is a huge fan too ... :)

I am as well - but I get annoyed
when some of these players get
too big and think too much of
themselves ...

They should all remember where
they came from, how lucky they
are and not to bite the hand that
feeds them ;)
If anyone knows his roots its Roy Keane. He had the highest standards
imaginable and if it wasnt for his drive, passion and determination,
United wouldnt have won as many trophies (Fact).
Keane was once told the common misconception that
'great players dont make great managers' to which he replied,
'I was never a great player'. That shows his character....
Keane is honest, tough and fair and when he speaks people stand
up and listen.

Keane doesnt think he is the big man and he does remember where he
came from. He did more for Man United than any player of his era,
was our most successful captain ever, and is up there with the likes
of Charlton, Best and Cantona as a player and an influence on the team.
Roy deserves everyones respect, even if he has a pop at us. He is
entitled to at least that much.

Anyway I doubt Fergie gives 2 hoots about it. Roy will ring him in the summer
looking to buy another player and Fergie will be 'yes Roy, no problem Roy,
who do ya want?' ;)

scott 4 evra said:
There was a great article i read in the irish times. i tink that's wat your reffering to.
He was unhappy with how he left and felt he deserved more respect. Maybe he did. However,
Keane loves to have a pop at everyone now and again.

But he is still a legend and one my favourites ever. I think he's done a great job with
Sunderland despite what people say how much he spent. When he took over,
they were last in the Championship,
now they are mid-table in the Premiership. Roy "SUCCESS" Keane.
Here Here Scott, very well said.
I read the same article, it was a fantastic read.

I urge any Keane fan to watch this video:
Roy Keane-Captain Fantastic.....enjoy :)

25,467 Posts
carlyluvsunited said:
I never said he didn't ;)

I said "some players" ... :)

lol Carly, you arent getting out of that one that easily.
You were clearly implying players like Roy........
Dont start on me about Roy or Ill Alfie Inge Haaland ya :D
and rabbit on forever.
case closed...
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