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Great video.
This is my fave youtube video by a long way.
Its in my favourites and I have watched it over 200 times.
Before I go to play football with my team I watch it a few times to get me in the
right frame of mind and mood to go and kick some ass.
Some of the moments on that video are my all time best United moments.

-The battle with Vieira in the tunnel-the match was won there and then
-the winner against City-coming from 2-0 down-that run from midfield was awesome
-The goal against Leeds....
-The Haaland tackle-sorry if it offends but I agree with what he did.
-ALL those trophies he held aloft-he was the heart of our team.
-The header and performance against Juventus-pure class
-His incidents with Southgate, Shearer, Vieira etc-get in.....
Roy Keane is a legend and my hero and inspiration.
If no one gets any feeling from this video then they arent a true fan.

Thanks for the memories Roy 1993-2005.
Legend 16

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spellbound said:
Im a real Keano fan but I dont agree with you about the Alf Inge Håland thing, Jazz. It doesnt matter what an a$$ho£€ the Norwegian was. But thats what Keano was, and no remorse.

Here's the U-tube link
hmm I knew it would offend some, my comment that is.
I phrased it a bit wrong tbh.
Its not that I agree with what he did, its just Im indifferent about the effect it had on Haaland. He deserved it in my eyes. Keane waited years to get his own back.
I dont like to advocate violence but Keane can do NO wrong and did no wrong in my eyes. He played hard to win, VERY HARD and thats why United had so much success because he drove the team on. He couldnt accept anything else but 100% commitment
I know most people think its shocking what he did and deep down I know its not right but when it comes to Roy Ill defend him till he cows come home and be as stubborn as him about it.
an eye for an eye...............
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