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Liverpool legend Ian Rush has admitted that he is dreading the thought of Manchester United bettering their record trophy haul.

The Red Devils sealed their 17th title with the final day victory against Wigan on the weekend, meaning that they are now just one short of equaling Liverpool's long and proudly held record of 18.

"The club should be prepared to fight because it is really important that we continue to be regarded as the most successful club in the country," said Rush.

"That record has been built up over decades of hard work and doing things the right way and it has to be preserved.

"No-one has the divine right to win the title. You have to earn that right and that's what Liverpool have done in the past and need to do again.

"This time, United have been pushed all the way by Chelsea. It was a tight finish and could have gone either way. But United did enough on the last day and that makes them worthy champions.

"From a Liverpool point of view, we have to be on their shoulders next season and we have to be involved in the title race as it goes into the final straight.

"That is the challenge for everyone at the club and what greater motivation do you need than preserving one of the proudest records in football?"

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has already gone on record as saying that he wants to overhaul Liverpool's trophy haul before he retires.

Derek Wanner,

- nothing would make me happier than for us to equal and eventually overhaul their record. Nothing! I would love it! Absolutely, luuuve it, if we beat them! ;)

We are in a very good position. Change is a foot at Chelsea. they are bound to sell some player sin the summer, but I think they also splash the cash and bring in some serious quality. Nonetheless, I would say that there is more stability in Man Utd's first team and I have every confidence we can make it three in a row next season.

The same applies to Arsenal with Flamini gone and Hleb about to follow. Liverpool has to add about 4 uality players to seriously contend and i'm almost more concerned about Spurs under Ramos than Liverfool.

Ian Rush has every reason to be worried and I do not think LFC can withstand the red tide in the next few seasons from overhauling their precious records.

That's when their fans will resort to their superior record in the Champions League and I'm looking forward to the day we overhaul that record too!

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The day we beat their record is THE day all us fans have been waiting for.
As soon as they get knocked off their effin perch we shall all be there to bask
in the glory and rip the pee out of ANY and EVERY Scouser we know :)
It wont be long now.

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Imo, it will be soon.

The CL record will take longer, but I think we'll beat the record within the next 4 years.

And I will be extremely delighted the day it happens. I actually hope its Sir Alex who beats the CL and Prem record, but I don't think he'll beat the CL record. That will be for someone else imo.

Beating both those records is my dream. They will still have more League Cups than us, but who cares about that tournament anyway? Its a pointless tournament imo, and I'm not gonna be THAT greedy as to take the record wins of a pointless trophy from them :p (Although it would be fantastic if that was beaten too ;))

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marty davidson said:
they sill have the most champions league
So what? Its 5-2 in European Cups (hopefully 5-3 next week)
and we are only 1 League behind them. At one stage it was 18-7 to them
so to be just 1 behind is amazing.
They have always been the most decorated team in England so as soon as we
pass the 18 we can boast about it.
More titles in the domestic League are more important at this point in time.
More CL successes will follow in time ;)

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I do believe Fergie is driven by this more than anything else and be top of the tree once and for all.i agree that Liverpool are way off winning the league and cant see them being consistent enoug under benitez for a successful championship. if you took torres and gerard out of their team they are a mid table team at best. As regards chelsea I think they will be in transition next year as I predict a summer of instability for them. Ditto arsenal if they lose hleb along with flamini.

So genuinely think we have to be favourites for next season and with further reinforcements in terms of a an out an out striker to replace saha together with an orthodox right back we will be even more formidable next season . Not forgetting either tevez and anderson will have a proper pre season so the signs are most encouraging.

Similar to jazz words could not describe how overjoyed i would feel in overtaking them after being in their shadow for so long and living through the 80's when they won everything.

Finally as regards statistics Rush could already be eating humble pie as if we win next week we'll have won 17 leagues, 3 european cups and 11 fA CUPS compared to their 18 ,5 & 7 respectively of the major competitions. The other competitions ie the uefa cup, league cup etc are mickey mouse comps as we know so we will already be claiming bragging rights as England's most successful team. This will be as clear as italy being a foreign country :p fro the welsh brainy one then!!!;)
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