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Russian Army wearing Man United tops..

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any persons remember this? I was astounded that these service men blatantly just put on manchester united tshirts in front of the whole world.. what a publicity boost for the club, and i rekon the players must have gotten a boost as well if they noticed.. would love to see vids or pics of this occurance, any avaiilable?
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I wonder if they got in trouble with their officials?

They seemd very young and more than likely drunk (a bit). :p

Great the way they gave their uniform to the United fans though! :p
Who can blame them ... ?

Which has more quality and more authority ...

A Russian Army Uniform or a United shirt ?

The United shirt of course !!!!
abojodeh said:
ambrovich dont care he was busy with his new girlfriend :D
and who can blame him :p
Haha I remember that incident! It was really good to see lol
Its nothing new. When the SE was standing, and coppers mingled with the crowd, it was always good natured and friendly, (we always had the same ones in the same patch). Once or twice I have seen a United fan wearing the coppers helmet and he, in turn had a United hat on.

I thought it was great, it demonstrated a cameraderie between the authorities and the fans, a friendly atmosphere and, for all the distances involved, how much the United fans were so well behaved and "adopted" by the locals.

Even the UEFA "overlord" on the night, told the press that he had been delighted with the behaviour of both sets of fans; exemplary, he called it and how well everyone, the authorities, locals, fans all got on so well, he called it a major success for english fans.

Moscow, for all the doom and gloom, was a major success from that point of view.
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Now contrast that with the so called security in Roma! They could learn a lot from the Russians.
Haha those two were on most of my flights to Moscow, a bunch of us including them were all sitting in St Petersburg airport waiting for our next flight to Rome, and we were watching the match again in a bar and they popped up on the TV, was rather funny. :D
I'm suprised ambrovich didnt pay the whole russian army to wear them. But i got to say it cracked me up, it shows supporting United is the right way!
Hey everyone!

Has to say those guys were not the armymen but just army students so it's ok.

PS I'm Andrew from Saint-Petersburg, nice to meet every1, would be nice to meet u on 29 August in Monaco for the European Supercup! =)
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