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Ryan Giggs Interview in SkySports Mag

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The New Skysports magazine arrived today with the monthly Sky Mag, it has a Interview with Giggsy. I hope its alrite to post it..

"He Gives Defenders Twisted Blood" So says former team-mate Gary Pallister, but now Ryan Giggs has his eyes set on management.....

For Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs, the 2007/08 season ended on a sky-scraper high. Not only was he crown ed a Premier League Champion for the 10th time and won the Champions League for the 2nd time, but the veteran star also became the first player to score 12 successive seasons of UEFA Champions League and was voted into the PFA Team of the century. Here, he looks back on a silver-laden career and considers what he'll do when he finally retires.

You have had an incredible career, but what do you rate as your greatest achievement?

The two things that stand out for me are my debut and then, 758 games later, beating Sir Bobby Charlton's club appearance record.
Actually playing for the club you support, playing for Manchester United, is a massive achievement itself, but then going on to play for them more times than anyone else is amazing.

Any Regrets?
No, i would swap my career for any one's. I have been very lucky to win so much and i have enjoyed every minute of it. There have been disappointments along the way, but the highs have easily out-weighed the lows in my career.

I think maybe my first full season when we lost the league title to Leeds was a low point. That was a real learning curve and it made me more determined to win the league, having been so close. Obviously, never going to a major Championship with Wales was disappointment, but like i said, i wouldn't change anything.

Who stands out as the best player you've faced?
I used to hate playing against Lee Dixon, especially at Highbury because it was tight and their back 4 were renowned for being so good. He was always so tough. So was Javier Zenetti, Inter Milan's Captain. He had everything physically: strength, good balance and speed. He was also very experienced and extremely tough too play against.

How many times did you cross Sir Alex Ferguson before you learned not to do it again?

[Laughs] I've never crossed him, have i?
I think as a young player you do things that are probably going to upset him, because you're a young lad. But you quickly learn from your mistakes. He's a fair man, but if you do let the club down, or him down, or yourself down, then you'll soon be out. You have got to realise that you're an ambassador for the club. Wherever you go, be it on holiday or anywhere, you're representing United.

Is It harder for youngsters in football now, than when you started?

Well, they do have all the protection from the clubs - but it is hard. There are more trappings now. They players are aware that flash cars are available to them. So it is easier for them to get above themselves.

Are you starting to think more about Coaching now?

Playing is still at the forefront of my thinking, but in the back of your mind you know you're coming to the end and you prepare yourself.
I've seen team-mates go into management and do well, and I've been doing coaching badges.
I did another course the Sunday after the Champions League Final, which brought me down to earth. Going to Lilleshall and doing that for 10-12 days was hard work but enjoyable.
When you're playing it is hard to start something different because playing for United is your job. That;'s what you get paid for. That's what you need to concentrate on. But I'll be ready when the time comes. I'll need to do something because if i don't I'll go crazy.

Domestically, do you expect the usual suspects to be challenging United?

Yeah. Chelsea have a new manager and they will always be there or thereabouts because of the quality and, of course, the money they've got. Arsenal only just missed out last year, Liverpool are getting closer in the league each season, so I'm sure it'll be us Four again.
The young lads in our squad tasted success last season in the Premier League and Champions League, and that will only help them. We all want more success, and we've got the desire and hunger you need to achieve it.


"I've cried twice in my life watching a football game. The first one was Robert [Baggio] and the second was Ryan Giggs"- Juventus Legend, Alessandro Del Piero

"One day, they might say i was another Ryan Giggs"- George Best

"I said we'd win but your talent over-whelmed my mind"- Spoon-bender Uri Geller after Utd beat his team, Reading in 1996.

"When I first saw him, he was 13 and just floated over the ground like a ****er-spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind"- Sir Alex Ferguson

"Giggs was a big problem for us...the biggest is that he does not have a German passport"- German coach Berti Vogts

©SkySports Magazine.
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Thanks for that Nater. Great interview.
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