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After clinching a remarkable 10th Premier League winner’s medal earlier this year,
Ryan Giggs has begun his 19th season at Manchester United with the candid
admission that it could be his final campaign.

Indeed, while Wayne Rooney was honeymooning in Las Vegas and Cristiano Ronaldo
has been sunning himself across the globe, Giggs, 34, used the summer to prepare for
a life after playing football.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Gary Neville, he spent two weeks on a residential
course in Lilleshall in readiness to join the considerable cast of former Aberdeen
and Manchester United players to follow Sir Alex Ferguson into a career in
coaching. “For the last couple of seasons I’ve gone into it as if it’s my last,” he
said. “I’m not getting any younger so it could be.”

Giggs had ended last season by scoring what proved to be the winning penalty in
the Champions League final, but the Uefa A licence course gave him a new perspective.

“The coaching course brought me back down to earth after Moscow,” Giggs
said. “I enjoyed it although it’s hard work looking at things from the other side of
the fence. It was tough, being used to playing and just concentrating on that.

“There are so many other things to concentrate on as a coach, so I suppose I
appreciate what the coach is doing a lot more now. I think I will pursue it. I have
to finish it off this season and then go for my Pro Licence.’’

So looks like this could be Giggsy last season. What a servant he has been.
It would be great if he could go out on 11 Prem's (his jersey number) :p
Imo, it probably should be his last season at United. Its obvious he is on his
last legs and should bow out while he is still at a high level.
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