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andersons_left_foot said:
i dont think it is different to the no7 for united, my hope is the next player to wear the shirt should honer it by becoming a united legend just like so many have with the no7.

i do though think he should have a statue along side fergie and scholes infact we could have a whole road of hall of fame statues but giggs for sure desurves one he is up there with best, law and charlton.

and untill the day i die i will be honered to say ive seen ryan giggs play and i shall tell my grandkids about the welsh lad with magic in his feet
I agree. It's gettin a bit rediculous saying we should retire shirts. First of all we'd be struggling with numbers plus it should give the next player that extra insentive to become a legend like the last person that wore the shirt. Like what happened the no 7.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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