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I'm sure Ryan will know when to call it a day, and unfortunatly this may be his last season :(.

I'm sure he will be used sparingly when we have a fully fit squad much like he was towards the back end of last season. His experiance can still be vital coming off the bench.

Giggsy may not have the pace he used to, but he has all the experiance in the world and his presence in the dressing room must be something special.

I don't think he will be recognised in the light he should be until he eventually does retire.

I agree with Jazz as well, 11 titles would be perfect to fit the famous number 11 shirt he has worn throughout his United career. I can't imagine it with anyone elses name on but Giggs :eek:

I was hoping that he would stay on until 2011 so he would have been playing for United for 20 years but that was just wishful thinking :(
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