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Ferguson admits Real speculation affected Ronaldo's performances

Ferguson admits Real speculation affected Ronaldo's performances | Football |

• Transfer talk has affected the winger's performances
• "He's lucky people here tell him the truth" says United manager

* Jeremy Campbell
*, Thursday 9 April 2009 21.21 BST
* Article history

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that Cristiano Ronaldo's performances have sometimes been affected by the speculation surrounding a potential move to Real Madrid.

The Manchester United manager was speaking following his side's dramatic 2-2 draw against the Portuguese champions Porto in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final at Old Trafford.

In the build up to the tie, the Guardian reported that a £75m deal to take the European and world player of the year to the Bernabéu may have already been agreed. But Ferguson reacted angrily to the reports, calling the continued speculation about his star asset "pathetic".

Now Ferguson has revealed that the winger's head has been turned by the links to the Spanish side and that his play has sometimes suffered.

Speaking to CNN in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow (Friday), Ferguson said: "I think that he's had temptations and I think there have been periods when you've seen the effect of it [on the pitch].

"He's lucky in the sense that people here can tell him the truth and be straight with him and he appreciates that, and he has responded to that."

Ferguson praised Ronaldo for having the strength of character to know when he had overstepped the line in his tentative courting of Real.

"If it stays with him and changes him as a person then you have a problem," he said.

"Fortunately Ronaldo has good human qualities. He's a good guy. He knows when he's gone too far and he draws back in after that."

Ferguson went on to discuss his record as the Manchester United manager, and admitted to some regrets.

"If there was one challenge I'd love the club to win more European trophies than they have done," he said. "I don't think we've won the number we should have won.

"There have been years when we've been unlucky and years we've been disappointed, and there have been years when we've thrown games away, and that sort of gives a kaleidoscope of what football's like really in a way so therefore if we could win a couple more European trophies I then would definitely quit."

Maybe putting a bit of the speculation, about his retirement, to bed for a while. :thumbsup:

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I dont know if that was suppose to be a good thing or a bad thing and somehow the reaction i had after reading that is ..blank.

As far as im not surprised about the ronaldo part, to hear it from the gaffer itself is like ..meh? So thats the reason why all these petulance and all these unnecessary whining? Nice!! And sir alex make it sound like its really ok for ronaldo to not play well while thinking of madrid. Even nicer...

God this is all so wrong...and i wish sir alex didnt come out with this statement really feels like an excuse to ronaldo not doing well which is not even an acceptable excuse to begin with. :eek:

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fergie is the master of man-management and taking the pressure off his players :rolleyes:
a bit like mourinho..
Exactly, Fergie knows it all, he knows the exact right time to come out and say things like this..
When Ronaldo is just losing form and we really need him to step to the plate along with the rest of the team.. He's also making sure Ronnie knows where he United of course..!:D:D

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It would be incredible for him to achieve this dream and win another 2 champions league. that would mean we would win 3 in a row and have a total of 5 titles and equal liverpool's number of titles. It's a hard and long way but nothing is impossible with Sir Alex. He truly deserves what he wants
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