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Hate to post this straight after a great win, sort of puts a bit of a dampener on things really.:frown:

Firefighters rescued Sir Alex Ferguson’s two grandchildren from their mum’s wrecked car after a horrific head-on smash yesterday.

Charlie Ferguson, 10, and sister Grace, six, were taken to hospital for treatment to injuries, which were last night reported not to be life-threatening.

Firefighters and ambulance crews who were called to the crash managed to release the Ferguson family.

Worried paramedics thought their mum Nadine needed more urgent attention and she was taken by air ambulance for specialist treatment.

The children and their mum, who are being treated in two different hospitals, were both said to be stable last night.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex was told the news as his team was preparing for last night’s Champions League semi-final with Arsenal.

At one stage it is believed he contemplated flying back from London to be at their bedsides.

But after being assured Charlie and Grace were not in danger he decided to stay to oversee the crucial second leg match.

Nadine, 30, the estranged wife of Sir Alex’s son Darren, was taking the children to school along a narrow country lane when the accident happened. Her black Vauxhall Corsa was in a head-on crash with a red Ford Fiesta on a sharp bend in Lower Withington, Cheshire.

The 17-year-old Fiesta driver suffered multiple injuries which are believed to include fractures to both his legs. He is in a satisfactory condition.
Sir Alex Ferguson's grandkids in horror car smash -

:eek: How the hell did SAF concentrate on the Arse game with that on his mind ?
Hoping they all make a quick and full recovery.

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Yep scary stuff, i hope they all recover well both physically and mentally.

I know a girl in canada, real kool girl, super bright and good looking too and like just before i went to canada for the second time, she was in a huge car crash on the highway there and they had to have like helicopters etc to get help and all and in the end, she needed to wear a halo on for some months and needed alot of stiches in her head. She did however recover after nearly dying and if you look at her today, its like she'd never have been in an accident, so while it is scary, there is a great chance they'll fully recover :)

Good luck to them!


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i wish the young fella a full and speedy recovery :thumbsup: , but it just goes to show how dedicated fergie is to this club managing to stay focused on the job when far more important issues were obviously on his mind .
wouldn't it be wonderful if young charlie could lead the team out in rome it would really set the players alight and i would love to see that happen all being well of course .

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******* boy racers, one almost cut me and my pregnant wife off the other day, almost smashed us to pieces running a red light...

The driving test is far too easy nowadays, any mug can get a licence...

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Wow. I didn't hear about this until I read it on teletext this morning. I just assumed it wasn't that serious, but it's worse than I thought it would be. It's amazing how he managed to concentrate on the game.

Best wishes to all involved.
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