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SAHA to ROMA 9 million?

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Nothing to discuss. 9m eh? Done deal on the spot. :D
He wouldn't have played much IMO.

Handy 9M for Berba fund.... Thanks Louis. You served us well!

Fergie released a statement on our website not to long ago about how much he loves saha and he wants him to stay

wont happen
lal, not true if you ask me, Saha is worth 9 million easy if hes fit, but hes not? so idont think any club will pay that much for him
well..he is getting old...and those injuries aren't giving him a free injury career....well...good bye Saha:D
The page isnt opening now ?

Is this official ?
we are getting no any new striker
so maybe if Saha is fit (hopefully) we will rotate him with Tevez Rooney and Manucho (hopefully get wp)
take the money and run...getting old and always injured
9mil is a good price to get for Saha...... but if we sell him we need another striker in

Saha out
if this is true and pray God it is! its a superb bit of business for our balsa fella. personally i cant see why roma would pay so much.....maybe they were talking about the old italian lira!
I also heard Valencia has given a 8m pounds bid...I guess Campbell stays and a new striker will come in for sure and who ever it is will get the no 9 t-shirt.

I love saha but ffs stay fit!!!!!!!!! If your going to be injured always we might as well sell you...

Berba is no 9 in Spurs so I guess it would be good if he became ur no 9 too lol I also wouldn't mind Huntelaar or even some press are saying Villa since Saha is going in their direction and also Santa Cruz is apparently also on our list now too

& wouldn't manucho be so handy like vs newcastle? what is the situation with the work permitt??! Get it asap!
Doubt it will be true. But I'd take 9 mil anyday :p He's a decent striker, but i'd prefer more money to go towards Berba.
I like Saha too, but how many starts did he manage? 10? We can't live with that.

If only he had been fit over the last few years....
it would be lucky to get 2 million for the most injury prone player i have seen at utd in 35 years.when he,s fit he,s good but when his he fit even saha doesn,t seem to know .
sell him take another 16 million get huntelaar that good and fair enough
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