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Ive heard good things of this kid...seen him breifly...hes a fit determined lad but a part from that im not too sure what hes like....

has anyone seen a far bit of him and know how good he is??

what are his strenghs and weaknesses??

will he make it?

i would love it if we produced another scholes or produced a steven gerrard.

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Sam Hewson is a great prospect.
Reminds me of Rooney with his aggressive style of play
and never say die attitude. He is now captaining the reserves,
which says a lot for a lad so young. It was strange seeing him lead
out a team containing Neville and Silvestre.

Hewson is very much a box to box player. As a centre midfield player
he is strong and can tackle though not particularly tall (a bit a la Keano)
as well as having a bit of Scholes' creativity in passing and making space.

This kid definitely has great potential but with the likes of Scholes, Carrick,
Fletch, Anderson, Hargo and the new lad Rodrigo, will Hewson ever get a look in?
He will captain the reserves for a while, then maybe go out on loan eventually,
when he realises he wont be getting in the first 11 for a long time.

This kid has something, he is raw and is chomping at the bit to get stuck in.
Id like to see him succeed at Old Trafford but he sure has his work cut out.
ya never know in 10 years time Hewson and Anderson could be the main men
in town.
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