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Here are some of the things people have had to say about him over the years:

Zinedine Zidane: "My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder. Scholes is undoubtedly the greatest of his generation."

Edgar Davids: "I'm not the best, Paul Scholes is. We can all learn from Paul Scholes."

Marcello Lippi: "Paul Scholes would have been one of my first choices for putting together a great team - that is how highly I have always rated him."

Thierry Henry: "Without any doubt, the best player in the Premiership has to be Paul Scholes. He knows how to do everything, and he is the one who directs the way his team plays. On top of all that, he has indestructible mental strength and he is a genuine competitor."

Sir Alex Ferguson: "Throughout time, when you look at the likes of Duncan Edwards, Bobby Charlton and George Best, then it's difficult to say where Paul stands because that's a wide panorama of players. But in my time, he would sit in the top six or seven without question."
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