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Scholsey nets a fresh two year deal

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PAUL SCHOLES will be rewarded for his Champions League heroics with a fresh two-year deal.
The contract will be signed in the summer and keep him a Manchester United player until he is 35.

Scholes put United into this year's final with a wonder winner against Barcelona.

Boss Alex Ferguson is delighted with the way he and sub Ryan Giggs, 34, have looked after themselves.

Fergie said: “I can no longer see an end to their careers.

“They must be the best two players I've ever had.â€

Scholes' current £75,000-a-week deal runs out at the end of next season.

More latest news regarding mufc & link to it is here
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Thats great!

Although saying he can't see an end to Gigg's career may be a little bit strange. Unless he comes back next season refreshed and back on top form, the end will be near for him imo, as sad as it is to say.
Theres only one word that comes to mind after hearing that news.........


Im delighted he will be staying on before he go and plays for his beloved
Oldham. he has so much to offer his fellow players in terms of experience,
professionalism and how he conducts himself off the field.
A great pro and a great player. Fully deserved imo.

What happened to all the people that wrote him off?
They seem very quiet all of a sudden :rolleyes:
a true great player makes his teammates who play alongside him better, and paul scholes is a true great. hope he stays at utd a lot longer, and all the younger players can continue to benefit from him.
Great news for all of us.Really fantastic.But really this must be the last contract he will be signing for us so lets relish his presence
Great... I see that he can at least play for another 2 season, he totally deserved it... It's time to impart his abilities to the youngs at the same time... Good to hear this...

Ginger Boy in the HOUSE!!!
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