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By Rob Bagchi

Luiz Felipe Scolari has distanced himself from the brash arrogance which was a feature of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea and insisted he could make the club "loved" the world over as they attempt to establish themselves on a par with the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid in world football's hierarchy.

The Brazilian admitted he was taken aback by his club's popularity on their pre-season tour of Asia and Russia, frenzied support which is not seen in Britain where Roman Abramovich's millions have bred resentment. But Scolari intends to change the club's philosophy by moving away from spending lavishly and will not attempt to emulate the hyperbole so often used by Mourinho during his three-year reign at Stamford Bridge.

"I am not Jose Mourinho so why should people compare me with him?" said Scolari. "Mourinho says: 'I will win 10 championships.' I don't say I will win 10 - I say I will try. I am from the south of Brazil and we are different there. We say we will try to win all the competitions we play in but I'll never say I will definitely win this, this or that. Never. I will try. I'm more modest.

"Maybe if Mourinho says he will win and then afterwards he doesn't, that might cause problems because the manager is not playing, it's the players out on the pitch, so if you say that and they make a mistake then you have to say: 'It's their fault. They're the ones who are bad.' I'd never do that. Never. As manager you take on the responsibility.

"I want to make Chelsea loved around the world, like Barcelona and Manchester United. It's a surprise when people say Chelsea are unpopular because, when we went to China, they cried for Chelsea. They loved Chelsea. It's a big surprise people don't like us in England. But Chelsea is a club that is a growing name. Before it was Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan. Our history is not the same and you can't make history in two, three or even 10 years, but maybe in 20 or 50 years Chelsea will be on that level."

10 ways to make Chelsea loved

1 Try to persuade the chief executive, Peter Kenyon, to eat some lemon peel before appearing in public to make his mug look less smug. Then tell him to desist from throwing stones at other people's greenhouses

2 Change the rampant lion on the club's crest to Daktari's cuddly Clarence the cross-eyed lion

3 Elevate the club's honorary life vice-president, Lord Attenborough, to public relations supremo and hope he can court the media by calling everyone 'darling'

4 Bring back Ken Bates as chairman. It would be guaranteed to make them adored for the first time ever ... if only in Leeds

5 Call Elvis Costello and ask him to reconsider and record I Do Want to Go to Chelsea

6 Keep losing European Cup finals on penalties and they will quickly garner the valiant loser appeal that can turn the British public from antipathy to sympathy

7 Disown and then send Tim Lovejoy back to Watford, David Mellor to Fulham and Jeremy Vine to Newsnight

8 Get Roman Abramovich to up sticks on a whim and relocate the club to some footballing hotbed such as Berkhamsted. The rump club could rename itself AFC Chelsea of Fulham Road, appoint Gianfranco Zola and John Bumstead as managerial dream team and switch club song from Blue is the Colour to Sam Cooke's Cupid

9 Instruct Messrs Terry, Ballack, Drogba, Lampard, Cole, Mikel and Anelka that it takes far fewer muscles to smile than it does to scream impertinent Jeremiads into the referee's face

10 Follow up the appointment of Luiz Felipe Scolari by signing his fellow Brazilians Pele, Jairzinho, Carlos Alberto, Gerson, Tostao and Everaldo


So will the neutrals give Chelski a chance?

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dlan4327 said:
I don't think Chelsea can ever be loved as long as Kenyon, Abramovich & Terry are anywhere within 5000 miles of London.

There needs to be a 5000 mile exclusion zone for smug prats around Chelsea. :p
completely agree especially kenyon who is my pet hate he is mr smug

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Abramovich owns chelsea,Terry is Chelsea. Even after his pen mess up,the Chelsea fans i know still adore him. He comes out with some really stupid comments,but i suppose it's what the owner,the board and the fans need to hear.

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Chelsea have taken our tag as the most hated team in Britain, which would
mean they are doing something right. So there is NO chance that any neutrals
will be supporting them unless of course they are glory hunters, which I suppose
there are a lot of.......paradox time.

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Chelsea will NEVER be as big or popular as us as they're success was built on one big sugar daddy, while ours, Liverpool's an to an extent Arsenals was built on great players, teams and historical moments.

For me although Liverpool are by far my most hated team I have a different kind of hatred for Chelsea than I do Arsnenal, City or Liverpool. I think its because although I hate those 4 a lot, I still have a lot of respect for Cities, Arsenal's and Liverpool's histories - which is something Chelsea have very little of.
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