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Score predictions

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With our home record against villa surely nothing but a win to day but villa have had a great season and may fancy shocking a few people today. In ashley young and gabrial agbonlahour they have to very good attacking players and in big john carew a target man to supply the latter two. For me we will have to much and im going for a 3-0 victory hoping teves and rooney start today .
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I hope for 4-0. I think minimum 2-0 will happen but most prob 3-0 lol

Rooney (Please go on a socring nearly got a hattrick vs Villa last time + he always playes good vs Villa)
Ronaldo (His on fire and should score one of those orgasmic free kicks!)
Tevez (About time he starts and scores a belter lol)
Anderson (Please get 1st goal!)
We got Roma in a few days. I dont think the goal bomb will explode today. I'd be glad if we beat them 2-0.
i will go for a 3-1 victory, but any victory will be gladly accepted.
abojodeh said:
Roma easy target
roma is never an easy target abo...they play good football and are a great team...they are 2nd in serie a....they are no push overs....i never wanted us to have roma...always hated their fans...:mad:
I think we have won the last 12 or 13 times we
have played villa so I expect nothing less today. :)

We hve won against Villa 13 times on the trot! :eek::D:p
I would go for a 2-0 victory @ OT tonite...
with Rooney netting both provided he plays.

If a team who are 2nd in the Italian Serie A currently
& has defeated the reigning champions of Spanish Primera
La Liga both home and away, I couldn't see them being ur
'so-called' easy targets abo! Get ur facts right once & for all
mate. I think they could easily hold us out to a draw or
may even beat us at the Stadio Olimpico on Tues. No more
7-1 that's for 100% sure!
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Ronaldo x 2 and Rooney and Tevez maybe!?
I do not think Ronaldo and Tevez will play today :S
I do not blame ue for thinking that. I praise ue instead for realising that
United has to play both Aston Villa & AS Roma in juz' the space of a mere 3 days. I could actually predict that good, ol' Fergie will rest either one of Rooney, Ronaldo or Tevez tonite. But hopefully it'll not be Rooney as I loves to see him in action & I'm quite confident of him that he could fit into his goal-scoring boots perfectly ;)
Nemanjaaa said:
Ronaldo x 2 and Rooney and Tevez maybe!?
Great prediction mate!!!!

Great win today. This big win was coming for a long time now and I expected it against Blton but now is fine!!!

Hopefully we can continue this form into the clash with Roma :)
spellbound said:
We got Roma in a few days. I dont think the goal bomb will explode today. I'd be glad if we beat them 2-0.
I for got to add:in each of the halfs :p

Ok I didnt think Villa would be so easy to beat. But its good to intimidate Roma we got players who score just for fun.
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