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The (FC United) Board is excited to announce a radical new campaign in which you can decide how much you pay for your own season ticket this summer.

At this stage in our development we need to recognise some important facts:
• Due to the costs of hiring playing facilities the club has made an operating loss over the past two years – we have been able to sustain this thanks to donations and original pledges
• Further cost-cutting measures will be implemented over the course of the next year, but there is a limit to how far these can go.
• We cannot continue to incur losses, especially as we need to demonstrate the club’s financial viability as we work towards our own ground in the near future
• We need to raise more revenue but we don’t want to do this by imposing unilateral ticket price increases – particularly in the current economic climate and in keeping with our philosophy of providing affordable football.

In light of this, FC United would like to become, to the best of our knowledge, the first club to say to supporters: “you decide how much you can individually afford and the value you place on being able to watch your team”.

It should be noted that with the average season ticket price of about £140 last year, we still made a financial loss and therefore supporters may wish to consider this when choosing how much to donate. Some supporters may be able to pay more than £140, some supporters may only be able to afford less than last year’s figure, but together there is no reason why we cannot increase revenue from this source.

Supporters will understand that we cannot afford to give season tickets away and like all clubs we need a degree of security so a minimum price for adults of £90 will be asked, though if anyone finds themselves in particular circumstances that they cannot afford that amount, they are free to contact the club to discuss the matter.

However we would ask supporters that when you are deciding what you can afford it is important to use last season’s average price of £140 as a barometer of affordability rather than the £90 figure.

Accordingly, rather than set a target of numbers of season tickets sold, the board has set a cash target of £125,000 from the season ticket campaign.

This is an ambitious target, significantly up on last year’s budget, but not an impossible one. We raised even more than that once before with the pledges. There is no reason why we can’t do it again.

Jules Spencer spoke on behalf of the board:

“We believe this is unprecedented in football, a club saying to its supporters “pay what you can afford”. Some may question whether we’re being foolhardy, but why shouldn’t we trust supporters?

“This is about empowerment, of collective responsibility, of us all pulling together to ensure the club’s future. It’s about recognising some may not be able to afford last season’s prices, but some will be able to afford more.”

Season tickets cover 21 league games but not cup or playoff games.

In effect concession season tickets for Over 60s/the unwaged have been scrapped as the minimum price for all adults is less than last season’s concession price. Those supporters in this category are invited to make a donation, if affordable, along with all other adults. It is proposed that Under 18 season tickets will remain at £21.

An evaluation of the proposal will be made in one month’s time, after which the Board will discuss both the viability of the proposal and next season’s pay on the day gate prices.

Full details of how to apply for your season ticket will follow over the next few days, but in the meantime spread the word as wide as you can: FC United are doing things differently again. :first: :first: :first:

Our Club, Our Rules, Our Season Tickets, Our Future. In Our Hands.

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Hopefully people will still pay the £150.
Some will pay a lot more than that mate. ;)

I know one person who is (in his own words) contributing half the cost of the Old Trafford season ticket I would otherwise have bought this season, on the same basis as that which we did in terms of pledge money before the first season.

North and South Lower Centre £817

£409 say, plus one adult season ticket at £140 and two kids at £21 for Vinny for the club's community work.

There's also lots of adults who buy extra under 18s tickets then donate them back to the club to be used in their community work.
:first: :specool:

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FC United launches 'pay what you like' season-ticket scheme

• Rebel non-league club 'does a Radiohead' with fans naming the price
• £90 minimum suggested but plan will be reviewed after month's trial

Owen Gibson, Tuesday 12 May 2009 18.24 BST

From Hoddle and Waddle on Top of the Pops to the dubious D-list appeal of Celebrity Soccer Sixes, football taking inspiration from the music industry has not always ended happily. But non-league FC United, the club born of opposition to Malcolm Glazer's takeover of Manchester United, is hoping to buck the trend by replicating Radiohead's ground-breaking "pay what you like" business model in a new way forward for the game.

The club, which recently narrowly missed out on securing their fourth successive promotion, will become the first to offer fans the chance to set their own price for their season ticket. In doing so, the board hope to boost revenues without raising ticket prices across the board.

The club's general manager, Andy Walsh, said the decision to launch the scheme, with a target of raising £125,000 in revenue, was in keeping with the ethos of the club. For 2008-09, during which the club played in the Northern Premier League Premier Division (three tiers beneath the Football League), season tickets cost £140. The hope is that those who can afford to do so will choose to pay more, subsidising those who pay less.

"The Premier League clubs have put up prices regardless of the ability of people to pay," said Walsh. "Those that can afford to pay continue to pay and those that can't fall off the end. Ultimately that will undermine the game of football, which has always been about inclusivity, not exclusivity."

Walsh added: "For many people, when prices go up there is no alternative. We've demonstrated there is an alternative model that puts the supporter at the very heart of the football club rather than on the fringes."

FC United has maintained average attendances of more than 2,500 throughout the four years of its existence, far higher than is usual at that level of football. The club is not quite going as far as Radiohead, who offered fans the option of downloading In Rainbows for nothing, by recommending £90 as a minimum. But those behind the scheme said that if fans felt unable to make even that level of financial commitment, they would be free to contact the club. Everyone else will be asked to use last season's price of £140 as a benchmark and to bear in mind that the club still made a loss.

"We believe this is unprecedented in football, a club saying to its supporters 'Pay what you can afford'. Some may question whether we're being foolhardy, but why shouldn't we trust supporters?" said Jules Stenson, an FC United board member.

Walsh said he wanted the initiative, which will be evaluated after a month-long trial, to help put the club on a sustainable financial footing. The club hopes to be able to reveal plans for its own stadium before the end of the month, following positive meetings with the council. Until now, FC United have been tenants at Bury's Gigg Lane.

FC United launches 'pay what you like' season-ticket scheme | Football | The Guardian
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