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If they held a 'Best Song Of The Season' award
I think the Portsmouth fans would be in with a good chance of winning it
With this little number.
I found it quite amusing I must admit.

Add any more that you find !

To be sung to the tune of the closing titles of Fools and Horses ...

For those that don't know the tune I'll add that at the bottom too ...

We've got some bare bones, cheap loans, a stadium that creaks and groans,
Niko, Pedro and England's number one in goal,
Joe J., Tony A., backing Harry all the way,
A chant that gives the lads a push,
When it's bellowed by a mush,
mush, mush, mush, mush, mush, mush, mush
No flat pack stands, just Archie Leitch,
No golden sands, just Southsea beach,
Blue and white, star and moon,
Atmosphere that makes you swoon,
God bless PFC;
Long live PFC;
Viva PFC;
C'est magnifique, PFC;
Magnifique, PFC;


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They really do have tremendous support. Their home tie against Newcastle had an absolutely cracking atmosphere. Play up Pompey for at least 10 minutes straight.
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