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Just watched the Juve-Chelski game and have to say this little guy was a bit of alright!

He sure was. the crowd went mad cos Iaquinta went off, but this little chap was amazing.
I was laughing with my mate cos we were saying it looked like the ball boy was coming on.
he looked about 10 :D Realy brought the game to life. He made some cracking runs and that free kcik to del Piero should have put away. Looks a great player.
Lets wait and hear what ejuventus has to say about him.

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He made some good runs on the left side. I will be very happy to sell Nani and buy him ;)
He's not a winger so I wouldn't buy him as a like for like replacement for Nani.

Giovinco plays best in the hole just behind the strikers. Textbook Trequartista, great passing.

I've been following him, I agree with the people who say in 5 years it'll be Giovinco & Pato on top.

He's a genuine world class talent which he proved at Empoli. Has a cracking shot & great vision.

On top of that he's arguably one of the best dribblers of the ball in the world, as good as Messi.

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I've only seen him once, and that was last night.

He did look very good tbf, and made things happen. He brought Juve to life (although imo Trezeguet should have went off instead of Iaquinta(sp?))

He's even smaller than Zola! (about an inch smaller) :D

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Let's just hope he keeps the same level and attitude of the game against Chelsea
It has not always been yet

Anyway, I don't think he will become a world class:
what he did with Chelsea, it's his dimension......... entering the game from the bench, and giving a change.
Starting the match, he has not been always so incisive, and he looks like missing something to be at the very top: and I mean not only physically

Don't forget, mates, he's not very young (he's 22)

So, if you ask me: "can he be a future juventus player, giving something good for the team?"
I'd answer: "Yes, he can"
If you ask me: "Will he be the next n°10 of Juventus tradition, the Del Piero's hier? "
Id say: "No, I don't think"

Glad to be wrong, of course
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