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SEF Reveal CL Semi Plans

The atmosphere against Tottenham Hotspur was impressive yesterday. At 2-0 down, we were repeatedly singing “We love United we do!” and this song was repeated with every goal we then went on to score.

This is good practice for Wednesday night, when we, the fans, have an important role to play. Stretford End Flags urge you to take your seats by at least 7.30 to get the atmosphere going, just as we were urged to similarly last year against Barca. Before that game, Busby Babe, Wilf McGuinness took to the mic ahead of kick-off. He left us roaring, taken over by the emotion and importance of the occasion. The atmosphere that evening was amazing, and we’d obviously be hoping for a repeat against Arsenal.

The East Stand will show the “Believe” mosaic again whilst the Stretford End will be showing a European Cup montage. They’ll also be nine flags waved by SEF members on the goal lines and in front of the North Stand.

Believe again this year!

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Beleive :rolleyes:. That was great for last season with the anniversary of Munich, but we could so do much better.

Why can't we have something like these:

That would be awesome, unlike the crappy Believe.

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As part of the EURO FLAG NIGHT promotions, K&M Leisure, who operate flag stalls around Old Trafford, will be issuing a free commemorative Moscow t-shirt with every flag bought. Look out for the K&M Leisure signs above their various stalls around Old Trafford.
I want one! :eek:

Sounds for TM's bit....I'd LOVE to see flares gping off all around the ground!
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