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yangch0000 said:
vds(foster used sparingly)
neville ferdinand vidic evra
park scholes carrick ronaldo
rooney tevez

i dun see any major changes..

but we probably shld put in this on hold first...there are other things to concentrate on..

Does seem a bit daft to be talking bout starting XI 3 days after the last game of the season. We always buy players who perform well in the summer international tournaments (poborsky euro 96, rooney euro 2004, rio world cup 2002) so expect signings to come from the players who shine at the Euros this summer.

I just wish ronaldo would make his mind on what message is he gonna give on staying at utd. I stay...i promise nothing...would love to stay but future uncertain.

Come on Ronnie, we have given you great support. At least be straight with us on your intentions
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