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Set aside the rivaly for a moment !

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Ok I don't if any of you can be honesty in your answer and set aside the City rivalry for a moment. But now with City taken over do you honestly believe they can become a force in the Premiership? Do you honestly believe that they can be serious contenders for the Prem in a season or two!?

For the first season I think they will go down hill due to a lack of experience in the top 6 but if they hold on to Micah Richards and build up their team I can't see why not. Like I said before it may be experience that could be their downfall. Also the fact that they are not the most successful side around so they will find it hard to attract big names!

So what do you think!?
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I think their a good team but i cant imagine them ever beating atleast 3 of the big 4 over 38 i cant see them getting higher up than 4th (if that)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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