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Setanta - Make or Break?

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As the opening day of the Premier League season looms, it is not just managers and big-money signings feeling the pressure.

The pay-TV broadcaster Setanta is being warned by the City that this season will be "make or break" for its bold bid to end Sky's domination of the sports television market.

The Irish broadcaster, which has shelled out hundreds of millions of pounds on top-flight sports rights, faces an uphill struggle to boost its subscriber figures to profitable levels

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I agree, there's no point of buying Setanta the price is pretty steep for much less games than a cheaper (i think) sky, which shows more, and gives a vaster range of sports that i like (footy, golf, tennis, snooker). Whenever there on Setanta just use a stream :D I don't like Setanta, reminds me of that Premiership Plus a few years back which the price was something like 100quid a season which was really expensive.
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