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SFA Listens to Fans Over Ticket Prices

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Scotland boss George Burley has admitted
he is disappointed their planned friendly
with Argentina has been scrapped.

The Scottish Football Association explored
the possibility of playing the South American
titans in a glamour friendly in November.

However, after consulting Scotland fans,
the SFA have decided to shelve the idea because
of fears over the cost of the game and ticket prices.

Burley was saddened that the clash could not be organised,
but is hopeful a game will be agreed against another
country for the same time.

Sad that the match is not going to take place as it
would have been a great game for Scotland fans to see,
but obviously there comes a time when fans say " NO "
to the cost of tickets etc.

Fair play to the Scotland fans who spoke out against
the rising costs of ticket prices and respect to the SFA
who listened to the voice of the fans for a change.

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Shame this isnt going ahead but im also glad in a way cause there's so much better things the SFA can spend the money on than paying it to the Argentinian FA for a friendly.
I would have loved to see this IF both squads were going to be at full strength and the ticket prices sensible.

But, the date was before the Champions League games I think, so both squads would have withdrawals (especially the Rangers players :p) And £50 for a friendly?!?!

£50 for a competitive game is too much, never mind a friendly. I think its pretty disgraceful Argentina asking for £1m. But lets say we paid it, and charged £50 for a ticket, and got a 50,000 crowd. Thats £2.5m. Wheres the other £1.5m going?

Its alright Gordon Smith and his cronies sitting saying "The fans should pay the prices" but he and the other bigwigs get in for nothing!

So, yes. I agree that it shouldn't go ahead.

Paying £1m is disgraceful and, if we pay it, it will mean Scotland may be held to ransom by future opposition. And there are much better ways to spend the money.
Wow, Scottish fans are not as dumb as us English fans.

They decide £40 is too much to pay for watching a friendly against Argentina and yet I paid £60 to watch England play the USA. :eek:
reddwarf said:
I paid £60 to watch England play the USA. :eek:
I wouldn't go and watch England for free lol.
Good to see that common sense prevailed in the end. :)

Scotland have confirmed they will play Argentina in a friendly match at Hampden Park on 19 November.

Original plans for the fixture were shelved after fans expressed concerns about higher ticket prices for the match at that time of year.

"I'm delighted we've struck a deal to bring Argentina here," said Scottish FA chief executive Gordon Smith.

"And we are very pleased we will be able to put on the game at a pricing structure that will appeal to fans."

In July the Scottish FA examined the possibility of the friendly match, but the Argentine FA wanted a fee of around £1m to bring over stars such as Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi and Juan Roman Riquelme.

That would have resulted in elevated ticket prices in the region of £40 for spectators, which proved to be a stumbling block among the Tartan Army for a midweek friendly.

However, after negotiations, the tickets have been set at the same level as for the World Cup qualifier against Norway, at between £25 and £35 for adults.

Smith says both parties were eager to make the fixture happen.

"When we were speaking to the representatives, it was clear that the Argentinians wanted to play us and were just as excited as we were about a match," he said.

"We want Scotland fans to see the players pit themselves against the best in the world and there are few teams better than Argentina.

"This is going to be a great match and a fantastic occasion. I know that George Burley and the team will put on a show that will do the country proud."

Scotland coach Burley echoed the sentiments of his chief executive.
"We cannot wait to test ourselves against one of the best teams in the world," said Burley.

"And we look forward to our fans giving the Argentinians a great Scottish Hampden welcome."

Following the initial rejection of the fixture in the summer the SFA entered discussions with the Portuguese FA about a possible fixture of the same date.
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Good result in the end.

£35 for a friendly may still be too much, but at least they have frozen the prices. If this had fallen through, they were meant to be trying for Spain or, Brazil was it? Not sure if it was Brazil but it was definitely Spain. :p

It'll be a good game, and I'm excited to see it. Its just a pity that, by the look of things, they'll be no Lionel Messi :(
Scrap that last point. ^^^

Messi's coming to Scotland! :D
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