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SFA Listens to Fans Over Ticket Prices

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Scotland boss George Burley has admitted
he is disappointed their planned friendly
with Argentina has been scrapped.

The Scottish Football Association explored
the possibility of playing the South American
titans in a glamour friendly in November.

However, after consulting Scotland fans,
the SFA have decided to shelve the idea because
of fears over the cost of the game and ticket prices.

Burley was saddened that the clash could not be organised,
but is hopeful a game will be agreed against another
country for the same time.

Sad that the match is not going to take place as it
would have been a great game for Scotland fans to see,
but obviously there comes a time when fans say " NO "
to the cost of tickets etc.

Fair play to the Scotland fans who spoke out against
the rising costs of ticket prices and respect to the SFA
who listened to the voice of the fans for a change.

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Shame this isnt going ahead but im also glad in a way cause there's so much better things the SFA can spend the money on than paying it to the Argentinian FA for a friendly.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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