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scottsati said:
the goalposts have moved and platini is now standing alone with the corner flag
Lol. I love that comment. :D

Platini keeps coming up with all these ideas on how to change football. I think he really wants to leave his mark so people remember him for what he did as UEFA President as well as what he did as a player.

I think this one is a compromise on his previous idea of reducing the number of teams from countries such as England, Spain and Italy and replacing them with the champions of smaller nations.

In that respect this is a better idea but I'm undecided on whether it's actually a good one.

Tbh, the qualifying stages are a bit pointless at the moment. There are very few, if any, big shocks and the 3rd place team from England, Spain and Italy always seem to qualify with the 4th place team occasionally missing out (if they're Everton :D ). It would make the qualifying stages more interesting and I assume the loser would go into the UEFA Cup.

It's hard luck on teams such as Aston Villa who have been fighting for years to get into the Champions League though. Now if they finally do finish 4th they could meet a very tough opponent in the qualifying rounds and still not make it!

Imo, it'll make the group stages less of a spectacle if the champions of smaller nations qualify automatically. I'm sure some of them are decent teams but my guess is most of them will get hammered by the other teams in their group. I think it'll take more than a few years of increased revenue from the Champions League to help them compete - try a couple of decades.
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