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piazza said:
The 4th best team in England is better than:

the first team in Germany, France
the 2nd team in Italy and Spain

Its unfair, but I can't see it interfering with qualification too often. Platini is just such a nob. :mad:
Thats not fully true on their own turf are as probably as good as the 3rd/4th team in england imo...

Lyon always challenge...they just lack clinical finishing because of the league they play i would not argue that english 4th team is better than lyon but there wont be much in it imo...

4th team in england is not better than 2nd team in have finished 2nd and 3rd in the last two years and are probably the best team form wise in europe right now...yes they lost today...but they played what we call a 'carling cup team' haha....

as for italy...i agree but the league is getting stronger again..milan on the rise again, juventus coming back and inter will be strong with jose...not like they were not before but u know...

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