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When we asked John O’Shea about his team-mates, he was more than happy to dish the dirt. But it's his music taste that needs kicking into touch...

Best trainer: I’d have to say Giggsy. There are lots of great trainers at the club but you can’t look past him. To maintain the level he’s at for so long is unbelievable and it shows the desire he has to always improve. It’s not like he conserves his energy in training now that he’s a little older – he goes flat out all the time and that’s why he’s been so successful.

Worst trainer
: It’s got to be Wes Brown! I can say that, it’s okay, he admits it all the time.

Most intelligent: That’s a tough one! Excluding myself, of course, it would have to be Edwin van der Sar. He has the most experience and he’s always reading books.

: There are quite a few. Gerard Pique was a real laugh when he was here. These days, though, it’s probably a tie between Wazza, Anderson and Nani. Oh, and Fletch is always involved in any pranks that are going on. He keeps in the background though – he’s the silent assassin.

Best dressed
: I’ll go for Cristiano. He certainly puts the most effort in – he takes the longest to get ready!

Worst dressed: Tomasz Kuszczak, without a doubt!

First car
: I always get a bit of grief for this, because I only got my licence when I was 21. By that time I could afford quite a nice car, a Mercedes C-180. I don’t have it now, sadly.

First CD: Oh God, that was a long time ago! I’ll have to think about this… You know, I think it was a 2Unlimited single – No Limit. If not, it was probably Cotton Eye Joe!

First goal for United
: I remember it was a header against Wolves from a corner. It was actually an important goal because we won the game 1-0. I always remember that game because Denis Irwin was playing for Wolves at the time and, to be fair, he marked Cristiano out of the game that night. He showed us how to do it!

First kiss: Oh, you’re going back years now! Um, let’s just call her Helen. I think I was eight or nine years old.

instead of bashing our players performance today why you all don't read this funny interview and cheer up :p :)
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