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Shevchenko To Leave Milan?

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Andrei Shevchenko has admitted he could leave Milan fuelling speculation he could join Chelsea. Milan president Silvio Berlusconi revealed earlier on Friday that Shevchenko was considering leaving the club and that he was keen on a switch to England. Ukraine star Shevchenko revealed in a press conference on Friday that he was considering his future at The Rossoneri due to personal reasons. "It is useless hiding things - I was with the president, we talked of many things and also about the possibility that I could leave," said Shevchenko. "There hasn't been a definitive decision. I want to be clear, we are only talking. This has nothing to do with my relationship with Milan, there has always been a great deal of affection, as with my team mates and coaches.

"The decision that I am considering regards above all my family. "I want to say another thing to the fans who have always been and will be very important to me - it is not about financial matters either, that would be absurd. "I find it hard to talk about this and now I have to weigh things up well after seven years at Milan and think. We haven't taken any decision - we will see in the coming days."
Shevchenko has been continually linked with a possible move to Chelsea due to his close relationship with Blues owner Roman Abramovich. News of Shevchenko's announcement that he is considering his future at San Siro will raise hopes that Chelsea can finally land the prolific hit-man.

Rubbish! Its all about money and how much he has "secretly" been offered.
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Why don't we try to hijack the deal with RVN. Surely Milan will do the best deal for them and not their want away player.
Chelsea have already got Ballack, and it looks like they could also get Shevchenko.
They will get Sheva and most probably Crespo will go the other way. Sheva will never come to United if Chelsea were also in the frame. He is a good friend of Roman. Also Milan would prefer Crespo over RVN since he has been proven in the Italian League and has played well for them before.
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