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RedForceRising said:
I agree on the Glazers in regard to how they have conducted themselves.

The money issues aside, they have stayed in the background and to their credit, didn't parade around after the league and CL double. I liked that a lot.

I was ready to slam them if they had, but they didn't.

Looking at the other foreign-owned clubs, I think we've been fortunate not to have any "scandlas' and squabbling ala Anfield or owners selecting the teams and accused of cheating their employees like Chelsea.

Somehow, fate/destiny/David Gill delivered our club into the hands of owners that have a basic idea of how to conduct business with dignity. That means a lot to me and i appreciate it.
Nicely said, and I agree completely with you.

The funniest thing was when Peter Kenyon had to lead Chelsea up the steps to get their losers medals (sorry, runners-up medals, :p) against his former club, who all hate him! :D
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