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-zuco- said:
I bet a small percentage of the French
national side are born in France. They're
all born in French colonies or lived in France
from an early age. Zidane was Moroccan.

I think we could do that but who do you
have in mind Hagglesworth?
Sorry Zuco, Zidane was born in France, Marseille. And he holds dual citizenships, a French and an Algerian. He's not a Moroccan.:)

And the talk about "non-french'...what is french by the way. 1998 when they were the WC host France wasnt really supporting the team. The far-right nationalist politician and xenophobic Jean-Marie Le Pen even said the national team was a disgrace because of all the black players in the team. With the success througout the tournament the people joined the suppoter masses following the team. Since then Zidane and the other with an immigrant background, or 2nd generation immigrants, were heroes. I guess its just the same ugly face like back then. Its eight years ago since France with their 'foregin' players won something. ;)
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