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should heinze leave?

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Heinze is the name that must stay at manu because he always gives his heart and 110% on the pitch. If someone from defence should be sold maybe silvestre or brown because gabriel can cover both left back and central defender. I think that gaby plays better than patrice and he should be a first team regular and sholdn't watch his team-mates from the bench. But he must stay.
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You guys are all talking as if he is for sure departing Old Trafford. He wont be, Fergie would make one of the biggest mistakes in his managerial career if he lets Heinze go. Heinze won't leave he said himself that he has just enjoyed one of his best seasons and wants to remain at United, if the club don't want him than he will leave but he doesn't want to, why would he? If we sell him we would have a massive hole at left-back. Silvestre is not United quality anymore and if anyone should be sold it should be him (and Richardson), Evra although he has improved massively he is still prone to the occasional "howler". Heinze and Evra is a very stong healthy left-back and they both compliment eachother.

Think logically: He was our player of the year back in 2005, and then he suffered a horrendous injury in 2006 came back for the World Cup played well but suffered a few injuries again in the new season and has been put down in the pecking order by a resurgent Evra desperate to prove himself. He deserves one more chance doesn't he.

Put it this way next season we will see whether or not he should be sold. Now that he is a stronger player and he knows that left-back position is no longer a given he will (should) fight harder, if he does a Ruud Van Nistelrooy and says "**** this, I'm not fighting for my position" then he should be kicked out.

Hope this makes sense.
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