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Do you think Manchester United should organise an annual two-day pre-season football tournament? Arsenal have theirs called 'Emirates Cup',held at The Emirates Stadium in North London. Similar in style to the Amsterdam Tournament held by AFC Ajax.

The tournament has four matches, all played at Ajax's home ground, the Amsterdam ArenA. The games take place over three days in July or August, the second of which is used to rest between the first and third days. The only exceptions to this are the 1999 and 2006 tournaments, which took place over only two days, with no rest day in between.

The Amsterdam Tournament & Emirates Cup uses an unusual points-scoring system. As with most football, a victory results in three points; a draw in one; and a defeat in none. However, teams are rewarded one extra point for every goal they score. For example, a 3-3 draw brings the same number of points as a 1-0 victory brings to the winner. In the previous example both teams would get 4 points. This system is designed to encourage more attacking football.

As it is a pre-season friendly tournament, games are typically not played as competitively as matches during the main season. In spite of this, it is still taken as a useful gauge of each team's ability going into the new season.
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