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Ummm...first off, exactly how many world class center mids are there available to buy? Please don't say Gareth Barry either. Just because he likes to hold hands with Stevie G. doesn't mean he has class on him.

Essien? Good luck getting him from Chelsea. Imagine the whining on here after Berbs 30 million price tag. Besides, we have the White Essien in Hargreaves, and he didn't suck it up in the first half of the CL final when playing out of position like Essien did. And secondly, if we buy Essien, I'm gonna throw the injury prone crap card all damn day since people think the same about Hargreaves. One serious injury does not make someone injury prone, many little crap injuries a la Saha makes one injury prone.

Alonso then since 'Pile want Barry and have Mascherano already? Nah, no thanks, Would rather have Hargreaves pace.

Muntari? Umm, Fletch out-worked him in Italy, so no.

So where are we going to buy someones as Scholes' and Keane's replacements?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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