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the anderson, carrick, hargreaves, park, fletcher, giggsy etc midfield chopping and changing and actually go and buy two ready made replacements for KEANO and SCHOLES??? we have tried various partnerships and this season particularly has seen a lot of chopping and changing and various partnerships here and there.

central midfield is the ENGINE room of united and runs the game for us, we have always relied on a great midfield general who can boss the game , get stuck in ,yet also play a little and bag a few goals. next to him we have had the style, the guy playing passes all over the park, initiating great on-twos and unlocking oppositions defences at will. where are those guys now, haven't we failed in some way to replace the legends?

do we have too many average players in the centre where we really need two world beaters? have the newer players failed to come on as expected and fill ths shoes of there predesessors?

is it time to sell the deadwood and invest the cash in a couple of ready made stars?? or are the players here already good enough to step up to the plate in future? wouyld a fit hargo change things next to carrick for instance??:confused:
You've just described Owen Hargreaves.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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