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I`ll say, let`s stick to what we have. As far as i know they`re the same bunch as last season whom won us everything we could have ever wished for -and i personally don`t think they were that bad to be fair ..

Giggs has reinvented himself,
Scholes ain't that bad either as he can still perform a world class performance
Carrick is one of our best players this season ..
Park has been consistent whenever Fergie picked him,
Ronaldo knows he can do better than this, yet he has been our top scorer and i can`t argue about that fact,
I don`t know if i forgot anyone - I agree the others hasn`t been as consistent, and here we have to include both Nani and Anderson .. As many on here slate them, i`ll say that they are still young and they will improve tremendously in the upcoming years.

If we buy any other midfielders, we`ll have to wave bye to some others whom will have to leave as their chance of playing will be very minimal. And that is something i don`t want to see, not because of sentimental reasons .. But i believe they`re a talented bunch. Don`t forget, we had some new faces in our midfield these years and it takes time to adjust and see whose the most compatible and against which style of opponents they`ll do better, as they will improve from time to time or else will slow down a little bit, and might not be as consistent as other times. But all in all, no - we should stick with them, its pretty normal all this midfield chopping and changing.

In the past we had relied on great midfielders, that`s true - Keano, Giggsy, Scholes, Becks etc - We used to stick with them, year after year. But now, we are trying to replace these old faces (Giggs n Scholes) with new ones, and you just can`t compare these times with the past as we are converting the midfield with our new guns and those who are a lil bit more experienced, and that takes time, more than we think it does,
& they will do mistakes, some big ones too .. As bad as it sounds, they will only learn from them and eventually Fergie will see what`s best to the team.

Antonio Valencia could be on his way to Old TRafford.......How can SAF deal with too many winger next season if this player really coming to ManUtd....Bad news for Nani...
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