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shouldnt we have signed Anelka ?

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just looking over the two squads for tomorrows game, i just cant help thinking they have the advantage wih a top class striker comming on while we've got saha :rolleyes: yes i know he can be deverstating on his day but when was his last deverstating day ? i just think Anelka could have a big part to play when he comes on because i cant seem him starting tbh, imagine what could have been with him tevez and rooney ... anyone think we missed a trick with le'sulk ? maybe it was a case of his attitude who knows ? :rolleyes:

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with current striker situation.......maybe

he aint exactly set stamford bridge alight since his arrival.

Last season we got larsson and he helped immensely. Needed someone similar this time as no ole, no saha for large parts and sold alan smith.

In fact selling rossi was worse than not buying anelka
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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